Straightlegging is to extend and stiffen all of the muscles in one's legs and buttocks at the moment of climax during masturbation. This does not only heighten pleasure by several magnitudes, but also increases the speed and power of ejaculation. This makes it possible to fire sperm-juice beyond your head and onto the wall behind you.
I straightlegged so hard last night that my high-velocity spunk made a hole in my Jessica Alba poster.
by penis_kink February 03, 2011
Top Definition
The act of standing and/or stancing in a manner such that one leg is slightly bent and turned out at the heel, whilst the other is completely, ridiculously straight. The knee should be 100% locked. Straight leg may also be accompanied by a hand on the hip, and a slight bend forward at the waist. Practitioners can often be seen at the miniature golf course, as well as family events.
"Damn, did you notice that Uncle Jer has the wickedest straight leg today?"
"I've got to run, i've been standing at this pay phone for so long now that i may have induced permanent straight leg."
"After i called her a ho she slapped me so i gave her a slice of straight leg and walked out on her ass."
by Larry The Bus Driver November 03, 2006
no money for around the world ask for straight leg
Mags looked good in her mexican corset I asked for a straight leg she gave me around the world.

ps ( dont ask for big horse )
by itichie_nocanpo June 27, 2006
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