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A straight queen is primarily a straight man who has many affectations, mannerisms and tendancies that are stereotypically accustomed to a homosexual. Straight queens are often known to be suspectly gay-friendly, and even have beyond questionable relationships with homosexual men. Many straight queens are accused of being closetted homosexuals or at the very least of having latent homosexuality.

A secondary definition of a straight queen is; a straight acting homosexual/bisexual who believes themselves to be straight simply because they are dellusional or lack the capacity to understand that if they have frequent sexual contact with other males and like it, this makes them gay or bisexual.

Finally, a straight queen can simply be a vocally camp hetrosexual male, which leads to them often being mistaken as a gay.
Example 1;

Person 1: That guy is so gay

Person 2: Nah, he's just a straight queen

Person 1: But he felt my ass, and he's wearing make up

Example 2;

Person 1: That guy fucked me

Person 2: No fucking way, he's such a homophobe!

Person 1: He's such a fucking straight me, he fucked me

Example 3;

Person 1: Oh my God did you hear that guy talk? He's ubergay.

Person 2: Nah, he's got a girlfriend...he just sounds a know...

Person 1: Oh, he's a straight queen!?
by Jace Jaxon August 10, 2009
A 'Straight Queen' is a guy that spends too much time on his looks. Always has perfect hair and eyebrows, works out often and watches what he eats. This person is an uber metrosexual. A guy that likes girls but is a little too polished.
We’re late because we had to wait for this 'Straight Queen' to fix his eyebrows.
by RhodeIslandJoe October 12, 2009
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