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Stormi is a free hearted spirit, who cares about all. Someone that's willing sets something aside in order to help a friend or a loved one in need. Stormi trusts only a few and has the biggest heart, shes is loved by many, has many friends who'd do anything for her.Stormi puts her family first. She is absolutely beautiful inside and out.
"If children could pick their moms, Stormi would be the one everyone would want.
by sexymamadanielle January 07, 2012
42 6
Beautiful or loveable, understands life and sees people as they are
" man I wish I was a stormi"
by Shawtygotya April 12, 2010
146 49
Fat ass bitch who is two-faced.
That girl is a Stormi.
by cowboybrand_! February 21, 2010
36 156