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The uncharacteristic giddiness of meteorologists when a major weather event occurs.
With all the earthquakes and hurricane issues, all the weather people are getting storm boners...
by Animalvader August 28, 2011
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NOUN (ˈstȯrm ˈbō-nər) A storm boner occurs when a bolt of lightning or crash of thunder strikes in your close proximity causing you to become aroused by said lightning strike or thunder crash.
Sean: Is this rain ever going to stop?
Steve: Forecast said rain all week.
Sean: Jeez, that was a good one
Steve: Ya, I know...
Sean: OH MY GOD! Steve, what the hell is that?
Steve: No worries, brah, it's just a storm boner.
by Baron Von Berpinfartz October 29, 2013
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