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A province of China.
Hey you want weed? You need to be a slobbering, brain dead retarded Camel first.

Stony Brook University.
by MAGNANIMOUS :] May 13, 2009
Located in the middle of nowhere of Long Island, it is a fairly easy to get into public university known for terrific science departments, huge number of asians, indians and other international students, rape, depression and suicide.

There are a shitload of premeds. Expect 95% of anyone taking biology or chemistry to be attempting to get into medical/dental school. Science classes are ridiculously overcrowded as a result. Still, for it's price its a great buy.

Recommended for:
-Students majoring in the hard sciences / engineering
Student 1: So I'm taking Chemistry this semester. Lecture is totally packed with foreigners trying to get into med school!

Student 2: Ah - you must go to Stony Brook University.
by Anactualnonpremed March 16, 2009
Public college on Long Island. Since it's cheap and its science and engineering departments are highly ranked, especially for a public school, something like 2/3 of the students are from LI or NYC. A lot of the rest are international so bio, calculus, etc. are like 50% Asian.

Since most people live so close to campus, most of them leave Thursday night and Friday morning and don't come back until Monday morning, leaving a lot of creepy antisocial international students and hardly anyone else. There's a few cool people who actually talk to other people, and some of them even party.

It's pretty good though for people who want to become doctors or engineers though, lots of people get offers from Microsoft, Google, and GM.

So basically, a typical engineering college.
"It took me half an hour to print my final paper out because there were like a dozen nervous Bio and Chem students printing out the whole semester's powerpoints ahead of me."

"Sounds like Stony Brook University to me."
by justanotherengineer January 12, 2012