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Basically a metaphorical liscence given to you when you are completely baked. Usually used when playing games such as pool and you make the stupidest mishits eg: accidently nudging the white (or any ball if you're really fucked).
It's a good liscence that you need for silly fuck-ups whilst stoned.
How do you obtain Stoners Compensation?
Simply say it immediatley after any fuck-up and your friends will agree with you if it actually was due to being stoned and not just pure stupidity.
Pool Game
(White misses every ball at the break)
Hippy1: shit! Stoners Compensation!
Hippy2: yeaaahh man haha fair enough
Hippy3: yeah take it again dude

Poseur bumps into hippy
Poseur: Oh! Sorry heehee, dude I'm like, so stoned out right now! Stoners Compensation, right?
Hippys: .....
Poseur: uhhh...
A Beating occurs (chains and belts included)
by Dimedude November 19, 2007
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