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Any sort of food created from ingredients that people not under the influence would never consider a good idea.
Joe: I just made a pie with mac & cheese, pasta, and taco meat as the filling. It's a real stoner's delight.

Timothy: All they had there was Hamburger Pizza. It was too much of a stoner's delight for me.
by James'taint June 15, 2011
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A McChicken and a McDouble put into one, respectively with the McChicken in between the two patties.
"Dude I just watched Narnia and this kid had Turkish delight"
"Screw that man let's go to the magical land of McDonalds and get some Stoner's Delights!!!"
"sounds like an orgasm in your mouth"
"it is"
by SmokeyMcPot42069 February 24, 2009

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