A sixth sense, of sorts.

The ability to sense, whether you are looking at the person or not, when that person is passing you the joint, blunt, etc.

You can be completely engrossed in something else, but a vibe is sent throughout the room letting you know it's your hit.

Takes a little bit of time to fully integrate into your senses, as the odd time someone will look like they are passing you the smokeable, when they are only readjusting themselves in their seat.
I was laughing my ass off at the movie, then my stoner sense kicked when the blunt got passed my way.
by ZeeFancyMan January 04, 2010
Also known as the 7th Sense, the Stoner senses are a combination of senses regarding weed. A stoner knows when it is their toke because their stoner senses may be "tingling". A true stoner can always smell weed despite the level of cloggedness of the nose and can always sense when weed is nearby or up to a mile in radius.
"hey pile of crotty, my stoner senses are tingling its your toke man"
"Hey do you guys smell skunk?" "No man my stoner senses are telling me it's weed"
by Dr. Bonholio October 11, 2012

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