Differs from your typical pot-smoking paranoiac in that, due to vast inferiority complexes paired with unresolved childhood issues in tandem with delusions of grandeur compounded by the vast amounts of cannabis smoked since early teenage years, this blend of smoker vacillates between seeing himself as a hero one moment, picked-on the next. Warning: is ready to snap at any moment if either his self-heroics or “victim status” are threatened.
“Brandon’s Stoner Panic Mentality (SPM) must’ve kicked in ‘cause he just threatened to choke the life out of that guy over nothin’.”

“You know a 45-year-old man’s got Stoner Panic Mentality (SPM) of if he offered to bring a doctor’s note to work after staying home ‘cause he’s too stoned to come in to the office.”
by Rawty Rawty Piper October 14, 2009

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