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Viewing Audience of The Daily Show, according to Bill O'Reily. Studies have shown that contrary to O'Reily's position, viewers of The Daily Show are obscenely better informed and more well educated than viewers of O'Reily's show on Fox News. Rather than being evidence that marijuana is good for you, this is merely evidence that Fox News is for idiot freepers, and that a "fake news" comedy show is more educational than The O'Reily Factor.
Even a bunch of stoned slackers are smarter than the people who watch Fox News, so Bill O'Reily should just shut-up.
by Ian December 07, 2004
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Viewing Audience of The Daily Show with John Stewart, as proclaimed by Bill O'Reilly.
"You've got stoned slackers watching your dopey show every night and they can vote."
by J Stepleton October 21, 2004
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