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A stoken is the state of being a total fucknut to everyone.
To be a stokan you must think you are better then everyone else at everything when in reality you are just another fucker that everyone wants to kill.
A stokan is closely related to a megafuckoff however a stokan is much, much, much worse... so much worse in fact is a stokan that anyone who meets a person fitting the description must cut out the person's eye balls and shove them up there arse, while stabbing them again and again in the head, chest and groin areas with a red hot poker.

I also advise anyone who meets a person that fits the description of a stokan to call the police immediately because a stokan has a habbit of giving illegal substances to young people between the age of 10 to 16 so that the stokan looks "cool"
Holy shit man, did you see that stokan back there giving those year 7's vodka?

That stokan over there makes me want to commit mass homicide just because he's breathing in and out still.

If that megafuckoff stokan doesn't kill him self soon i will personally take those 3 fire works over there and put them where the sun don't shine.

That's it i will fucking kill that fucking fucker of a megafuckoff stokan!
by Jealtech March 05, 2009

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