Top Definition
1. First and foremost a slut.
2. A liar that pretends she is a good person.
3. Gold digger who will date and ruin a perfectly good guy just because he makes good money.
4.Shit talker... nuff said.
why are you such a bitch? cause im stiphy bitch!
1. ooooh that slut got herpes from the 23rd guy she slept with
2. oh but ive like totally only slept with like 8 guys i swear now lets do it unprotected
3. whats that?! you make 2000 every paycheck?! ooo lemme holla atcha
4. i heard like jenn is cheating on her boyfriend with that fabian guy and like kayla makes out with random guys in the corner..... OH HEY BANGING CHICKS!! WHATS UP BOO BOO's?! love ya! oh my god i hate them.
by not a bangin chick aka slut August 23, 2008
a term used to describe a hot girl, also what a hot girl does to males
oooooohhh there's a stiphy in the building.

dang, that girl was so bang'n she gave me a stiphy.
by kbaxter July 11, 2008
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