A person who is abnormally fluffy and stinky at the same time. A stinkerbutt normally is someone you are close to.
My girlfriend is a big stinkerbutt.
by stankerbut July 09, 2010
Top Definition
When you take a particularly nasty shit and fail to completely wipe clean, the resulting left-behind stains and dingleberries create the effect known as 'Stinker Butt'. Basically, you've shat but your ass still smells horrible.
My girlfriend went to toss my salad but sadly I had a bad case of Stinker Butt and she ended up puking.
by RodJohnson November 15, 2010
someone who uses hand to wipe butt..or ( a 2 year old ) who like to poop....
my peeps call me stinker butt, because I never wash or wipe my butt....

You ask why?? (I tell U )
I work in a mexican cocina en la pared del cuarto de baño it says wash hands after wipe butt.
I no wipe butt then no need to wash hands... I love your cuntry

by itichie_nocanpo August 28, 2006
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