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1) Referring to the dank (potent) smell of a dirty girls vagina.

2) Can also be used when referring to young girls (young stinks)

The term originated in Bowmanville Ontario and were proud of it
Bro lets go on a stink mission (lets go find some skanks)

Man that mitt was stank ( her pussy smelled bad)

This Party is just full of Stink Mitts
by Z00 Kr3W January 29, 2011
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referring to your hand after placing it in your sweaty ass crack, in order to gathering as much swass as you can on your hand.
now that your stink mitt is prepped and ready for use. you can transfer its lovely fragrance on to other objects. such as a door nob, someones cell phone or in a hand shake. enjoy!
by clubdead March 27, 2014
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