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Located on every roof top in every town, village, and city, is " the stink pipe. One of the largest contributors of toxic greenhouse gases and noxious sewer odors on the face of the earth. It is the source of that "awful smell" that gets into your house through air conditioners, vent fans, chimneys, open windows, etc.

Vent pipe filters are the solution to stink pipe odors,ie: Sweetfilter(tm)
Stink pipes pipes allow gas to escape from sewer mains and household plumbing so that water can flow down the drains.
by Rod Pennington November 26, 2006
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weymouth punk
stinkpipe is weymouth punk
by feenbilly February 06, 2003
wrecked'em (rectum)
john hoped the niggers giant cock would fit snugly up his moist STINKPIPE.
by flipflapflipper August 28, 2003
An arsehole, anus ect
1. To take it up the stink pipe
2. I would love to do him/her up the stink pipe
by James Jenkinson the third October 09, 2005
I've finished with the axe wound and now I'm heading down the stinkpipe.
by Agent Brown November 28, 2002
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