When you're playing a FPS game i.e. Battlefield 3, and a baddie throws a grenade which lands at your feet - there's nothing you can do but say 'Ah crap' and die.
Nick: How did you die? I was going to spawn on you.

Me: Ah man, I got sticky widgeted, nothing I could do.

Nick: That's how the cookie crumbles.
by Slintank May 28, 2012
(stik-EE widge-ET, likely American)

Contradiction or intellectual impasse. A corruption of the phrase sticky wicket, describing a tricky situation in the game of cricket. The substitution of widget for wicket suggests a substitution of a more familiar word given most Americans' ignorance of the game.

see also sticking point, widget.
Dick: "I wonder which holds greater cosmic import -- the ontology of giraffes or Polynesian linguistics."

Jane: "What a sticky widget. Let's go get some Burger King."
by ignor July 05, 2005

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