A slang term meaning to come to realization after depression(or a hard time), and use that realization to positively build from.
Stick- meaning stick it out, with all the things pressing at your soul, stick it out, keep that realization, don't slip back into depression.

Move- meaning move forward. Take all that you've learned, accept it, and make the best of what you can.
The combination is supposed to be a reminder that in order to get out of depression(hard time), you need both.
An example would be:
A boys parents get a divorce
"The only thing you can do is stick and move"

"Stay positive. through all the trails, the tribulations. Stay positive. I slipped. looking at the negative to harshly. It may be true. but with every change I've made, I grow. I guess I dont need help. I need inspiration. Opportunity. I need to go out and find it ~ stick and move"
by Michael Lee Peter Allen January 22, 2012
Top Definition
To adjust. From boxing, when you plant your foot and adjust your motion. Like life.
Person 1: "FML, I Lost my Job"
Person 2: "Stick and Move, you will find something better"
Person 1: "I guess you are right, LOL"
by AbrahamRunning June 08, 2012
To sleep with a girl for a brief time and move on before it becomes a relationship.
I just pull a stick and move on this girl who is a major headcase.
by wiggle love January 30, 2012
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