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The graduating class of 2012 at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, which is located at 1 Stevenson Drive, Lincolnshire Illinois. They are mostly a diminutive, immature class; consisting mainly of little punk ass bitches who think they are still the shit and don't realize that they are in high school and not in eight grade, and many slutty girls. Every security guard in the school hates them, as they are ignorant and annoying. Their natural habitat is in the wood commons, where they tend to bunch up in herds and will occasionally migrate to other areas of that building. Their behavior is usually characterized by: being in the way, and then making a smart ass comment when you shove them out of your way, congregating in massive herds in the middle of walkways, acting very immature, thinking that they are gangster, and generally being annoying. The only person in this group known to be cool, (at least to the current date), is Budgey. The rest are a bunch of Choch's and Queef Chief's.
Upperclassman #1: "Hey look at that herd of douche bag's standing right in our way"

Upperclassman #2: "Oh, they must be part the Stevenson High School Class of '12. Thank god today is national kick-a-freshmen day!"

Upperclassman #1: "I say we kick that little shit who thinks he's gangster first. What a fucking choch, I hope somebody runs a train on his nympho girlfriend"
by Kick a freshman March 16, 2009

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