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A Steve Flat is a cigarette that has been crushed flat due to constantly sitting on the pack which has been placed in the back pocket. Widely rejected and criticized at first the Steve Flat cigarette has gained in popularity and has acquired a wide fan base amongst smokers because of its tendency to never roll when placed down, other reasons for preferring this smoke are unknown but my best guess is, its the first change in a cigarette shape since its creation.
Barrett- "Yo Steve, can i grab a smoke off you"
Steve - "Ya, no problem"
Barrett - "What the fuck lol, its flat"
Steve - "Ya i know, I sat on them....again. I'm trying to name it, don't know what though"
Mario - "Call it a Steve Flats"
Barrett - "Massive!"
Steve - "lol fuckin Barrett"
by Stevie_Hagie October 26, 2009
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