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A short clip shown on the children's show Blue's Clue's where Steven AKA Steve sits in an elevator with his dog Blue. Note that the elevator, in actuality, is not a real elevator, but is perhaps another twisted aspect of Steve's imagination represented by a cardboard box. While rising in the elevator, Steve is in a content state of mind with a curious look on his face, as if he were in some kind of pleasant comatose. Steve ponders something as he gazes around the room. When the cardboard elevator reaches it's destination of the top floor of a giant thumbtack, Steve's content expression that was once plastered on his face has now been removed within a matter of second, thus ending the journey.
"Allie sat down on the grass and pulled a Steve face, looking around curiously the way a small child would."
by YourMomOnWheels July 03, 2010
A face that The character Steve makes from the Children Nickelodeon show refered to as 'Blues Clues' has a episode in which Steven Rides up a Inmationated Elavator in which is completely fake and that nigga Be on Crack in which he has a face if hes staring at god in a creepy kind of way.
Have you seen that nigga MOAR KRABS he has a Steve-Face on him.
by hamheartagram July 03, 2010
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