A young friend of Alli who passed the name on to poor unfortunate Shmoney.
"C'mere Steppy!"
by Lizzardo May 29, 2004
Top Definition
the stool of a woman, or in slang terms "Butt Baby"
I have to make steppy.
by imPOLITE June 11, 2009
Stepfather aka Step Dad of two crazy girls named Tia and Roee-Jane
The Steppy let the girls do cartwheels before bed time
by lala sebastian November 28, 2011
Also know as StepPani. Real name Stephanie. Goes by Steffi. Likes to tell people to "go jump off a cliff" but on occasions it's "go jump off a cliff into water" Got eaten out by Max Coulson (see definition for Max Coulson). Is a slut. Crys constantly. ALso can be used as a noun. StepPy is able to describe, anything...Anything means a person, place, thing. If you and your friends are hanging out...and u see, for instance, a very wrinkley chinese man, drinking coffee at a food court, and you find this very funny, he is eligable to be a stepPy. In other words, something funny is a stepPy. Usually people with brown hair. There are 2 known blondew stepPys known of at the time. *has to be spelt with the second "P" capitalized. Or if spelling in capitals, second "P" os lower case*
That girl is such a stepPy.
He throwns liek a stepPy!!
This is such a stepPy moment.
*insult to yourself* I feel like a stepPy!!
by StepPy Jr. April 04, 2005
a girl whos real name is Stephanie. A Steppy is usually a skinny burnette slut or someone who is just STEPPY. It doesnt have to be a human it can be an object. You can just look at something that catches you attention and know its a STEPPY its just obvious.
its so stePpy!!!
by carlyandaubrie April 03, 2005
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