A young friend of Alli who passed the name on to poor unfortunate Shmoney.
"C'mere Steppy!"
by Lizzardo May 29, 2004
Top Definition
the stool of a woman, or in slang terms "Butt Baby"
I have to make steppy.
by imPOLITE June 11, 2009
Stepfather aka Step Dad of two crazy girls named Tia and Roee-Jane
The Steppy let the girls do cartwheels before bed time
by lala sebastian November 28, 2011
a girl whos real name is Stephanie. A Steppy is usually a skinny burnette slut or someone who is just STEPPY. It doesnt have to be a human it can be an object. You can just look at something that catches you attention and know its a STEPPY its just obvious.
its so stePpy!!!
by carlyandaubrie April 03, 2005
Also know as StepPani. Real name Stephanie. Goes by Steffi. Likes to tell people to "go jump off a cliff" but on occasions it's "go jump off a cliff into water" Got eaten out by Max Coulson (see definition for Max Coulson). Is a slut. Crys constantly. ALso can be used as a noun. StepPy is able to describe, anything...Anything means a person, place, thing. If you and your friends are hanging out...and u see, for instance, a very wrinkley chinese man, drinking coffee at a food court, and you find this very funny, he is eligable to be a stepPy. In other words, something funny is a stepPy. Usually people with brown hair. There are 2 known blondew stepPys known of at the time. *has to be spelt with the second "P" capitalized. Or if spelling in capitals, second "P" os lower case*
That girl is such a stepPy.
He throwns liek a stepPy!!
This is such a stepPy moment.
*insult to yourself* I feel like a stepPy!!
by StepPy Jr. April 04, 2005

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