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An ass-kicking bounty hunter from the Stephanie Plum series, written by Janet Evanovitch. She is a spunky combination of Nancy Drew and Dirty Harry. She is described as having a fast metabolism, brown curly hair, and blue eyes. Evanovich originally envisioned Sandra Bullock as Stephanie in the movie adaptation of One for the Money, but is now leaning towards Anne Hathaway. Many women are for the role, but Reese Witherspoon is probably going to play her, since she's the producer of the movie, or something.
Janet Evanovitch's books about Stephanie Plum:
# One for the Money
# Two for the Dough
# Three to Get Deadlyt;
# Four to Score
# High Five
# Hot Six
# Seven Up
# Hard Eight
# Visions of Sugar Plums
# To the Nines
# Ten Big Ones
# Eleven on Top
# Twelve Sharp
# Plum Lovin'
# Lean Mean Thirteen
# Plum Lucky
# Fearless Fourteen
# Plum Spooky
# Finger Lickin' Fifteen
by synonym13 June 25, 2009
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