A dirty whore who looks like a pig and acts like one as well... she has sex with her cousin and makes everyone around her vomit.
Wow what a stephanee
by shaniquina September 06, 2010
Top Definition
"Stephanee", an alternative spelled name derived from Stephanie.

Also a female given name, feminine of Stephen.

The last syllable is replaced with two ee's rather than an ie. An edgy cool alternative.
"Hey do you know that girl named Stephanee, the one with the name that ends with two e's. She's an amazing girl, so sweet and innocent. When you first met her she will literally will make your jaw drop.. but if you're lucky enough to date her.. shes is a total bad ass in bed. I love Stephanee so much, I wish there were more girls like her, but she's really one of a kind."
by BCausi July 04, 2012
a nice girl but all she thinks about are boys and you just wanna slap the devil out her
hi im stephanee and i love boys
via giphy
by kayleehoran26 November 13, 2015

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