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Names after Scott Steiner.

A wrestling move that usually starts out with a wrestler picking up another wrestler in a stalling suplex position from a shortened amount of time. Then the wrestler rotates the person taking the move towards him slightly into a tombstone type position. Then the person giving the move executes a sitout tombstone piledriver.

*This can be very dangerous if the person taking the move doesn't know how to protect himself. Don't wrap your arms around the persons waste like a tombstone piledriver because you usually end up dumped on your head from that. The person taking it should wrap their right arm over the top of the shoulder towards his opponent and link his other arm under the armpit area and clutch his wrists tightly together. You should also tuck your head in.

DISCLAIMER: I'm not respondsible for what you do with this move. Exercise good judgement and remember that Jesus love you.
Search youtube for Steiner Screwdriver for an example of the move.
by Atell18 July 14, 2009
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