any and all beers
Yes, it was dumb to drink those 12 stegos and then drive my car down that cliff.
by nigel May 06, 2004
Top Definition
A derogatory word used to describe a woman that is both overweight and unattractive. The word comes from a species of dinosaur known for being quite large and ugly, the Stegosaurus.
This stego had thirds on the pizza before I could get a slice for myself.
by Richard Hading February 28, 2009
Also referred to someone, typically a woman, that is so skinny that her backbones stick out at least a half inch from her skin. Called this because looks like plates that'd you find on a stegosaurus
Whenever I see that stego bend over, I'm reminded of how hard it must have been for a T-rex to eat that!
by Derek Stout August 17, 2007
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