An Orange flavored JOOSE mixed with a Steel Reserve 40oz.
"I blacked out again after drinking a steel monkey"
by addc October 20, 2009
Top Definition
(Noun) A man of epic proportions who, by possessing such traits of masculinity, strength, raw sexuality, intelligence, and charm, has been labeled by much of the feminine world as God Almighty’s gift of the ages. He, who with a single look, can either terrify the world’s most courageous man, or melt the heart of any beautiful woman.
I saw Steel Monkey kill that terrorist with one hand while simultaneously winning the hearts of 19 women. I heard that Chuck Norris is his bastard son.
by Steel Monkey February 10, 2006
US Slang for workers who build steel framed skyscraper buildings. This work was often undertaken by Native Americans of the Mohawk or Iroqui tribes. Mythology has it that they have no natural fear of height, although being prepared to undertake dangerous work at low pay may well be the major factor. The 'Steel Monkey' was immortalised in a song by the British Folk Rock band 'Jethro Tull' on the Album 'Crest of a Knave'
"As the moon slips up, and the sun sets down,
Im a highrise jockey, and Im heaven-bound.
Do the workboot shuffle, loose brains from brawn.
Im a monkey puzzle and the lid is on.

Can you guess my name? Can you guess my trade?
Im going to catch you anyway.
You might be right. Ill give you guesses three.
Feel me climbing up your knee.

Guess what I am. I'm a steel monkey"

Extract from 'Steel Monkey' by Jethro Tull, Lyrics by Ian Anderson
by Renno November 20, 2007
(Noun) A stagehand who climbs and builds high (steel) scaffolding for stadium size concerts and events.
Send a steel monkey up to push the inflatable pig out of the tower. (Pink Floyd Tour)
by Road Dawg September 23, 2006
same as a brass monkey but using the higher alcohol % Steel Reserve instead of Olde English 800 malt liquor
Dude #1: "damn dude this 211 is rough on the gut"
Dude #2: " mix it with oj and you'll have yourself a steel monkey, young padawan."
by PMP April 14, 2006
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