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1. The act of sticking a heated curling iron into female's vaginal area (pussy), thus creating great amounts of steam due to the heated metal reacting with the moisture inside the vagina. The curling iron is then pushed and pulled in and out of the vagina until the girl climaxes. WARNING: Usually ruins a girl's pussy due to 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns inside of the girl's baby maker.
2. A very sweaty athlete who takes part in the sport of curling, who, due the intense cold from the ice, steams.
Dude, I gave Eddie's sister a steaming curler last night! There was so much steam, I couldn't see 5 inches in front of me!
Eddie's sister is such a freak dude!
Yeah, I know she LOVED it, but she is going to have to take a LONG break after going through that!
by KWKS March 08, 2011
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