Stands for Spot The Emo. Game best played at the mall or other areas that seem to atract a wide number of depressed and misunderstood teenagers. When playing contestents yell "STE" upon seeing an emo person.
"Hey! STE!"

"Oh man, you always see the good one!"
by Leann And Marianne September 23, 2007
sexually transmited ebontwine
when a person contracts a diesease after having some sexy time with a tree in runescape
this tree has many splintters on the inside so usually this diesease is contracted by emos wanting to severly sever the penis or man whose had 81 babies and needs a vasectamy quick fast
the many contractted a STE after having sexually intercource thorough a fucking computer to a tree probably some gimp whose never going to touch a real vagina only a fleshlight
by he had it at age 7 omg!!!!!!!! November 15, 2010
Angin, Smelly breath, same boxerss bashes cod and finks hes Illllllll BLAD
Oi hes such a ste
by Smellybreathhhh December 08, 2009
skater bum who drops out of everything but manages to stay cool. hates being lonely
look at that bum-I WANT HIM
by stephen mccrory April 07, 2004
From 8 pints onwards - the HULK.

Likely to lose temper if you touch speak to him or ignore him. Normally followed by sick with blood in
ex-Stinger no proved to have little'n - unlucky
by G August 11, 2003
A disguisting, hairy, asexual piece of anus that spends money on items that americans need not to live.
"Ste went to best buy to buy Smallville for Nick".

"Ste was created by a flappy Dedie pooty banged vigorously by Borishe."
by ryan peterson February 03, 2004

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