when your on facebook or twitter and you want to write your status but you have no clue on what to write so you write some random thing anyway
idk what to write in my status... man i have major status block
by jelani913 June 17, 2009
Top Definition
The frustrating circumstance when a person cannot think of anything decent or interesting to post as their facebook status...
I know, I've got status block; I'm completely blank.
by DanteRhodesWatts October 11, 2010
similar to writers block... having a temporary inability to
think of a satisfactory post to put as a status update on the social networking site Facebook.
i would have posted a cool status update but suddenly i had status block and couldnt think of what to post so i decided to write the word shit 30 times to annoy people
by billy bob joe111 November 05, 2010
verb - originates from the American phrase cock-block. Status block is when you log on to facebook or twitter with a particular status in mind and find that one of your friends already has it up as their status.
Oh man Mickey just status blocked me. I wanted to be the one with the status saying "I'm drunk"
by eaglesrulebearsareok April 13, 2010
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