The use of the 'comment' feature on someone's status update on facebook to conduct a personal conversation, unrelated to the status.
Pam: "Oh look! I have like 20 new notifications!"

*clicks on notifications only to realise that she has been status hijacked once again!*

Pam: "Oh no, it was just Adam and Ayden pulling yet another status hijack. Oooooh those boys!" *shakes fist*
by Adman47 December 12, 2009
Top Definition
When somebody comments on a Facebook status and gets more likes on their comment than the status.
Girl's Status: "There's a hot babe in my shower ;)" (29 likes)
Some Dude: "Hang on, I'll be out in a sec" (45 likes)
Another Guy: "epic status hijack!"
by FruitaSalad December 21, 2011
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