The statue of liberty is perhaps one of the most disgusting and probably the most painful sexual position there is. If the girl is loose, then this can be a vaginal maneuver, if not it can be done analy. The guy takes his hand and punches it either into her pussy or anus, as far in as he can get it. Next, he ejaculates in her face. After that, he punches her in the eyes and nose. The girl on his arm makes the torch, the blood makes red, the sperm is white, and the eyes will become blue after being punched.
Red White and Blue, very patriotic.
I wanted to show my patriotism for America, so I did the statue of liberty with the president's wife.
by Jello March 16, 2005
A Statue of Satan.Ironically it was given to America by the French.
The Statue of Liberty is an ugly, idolatrous eye sore.
by 4Q February 29, 2004
An offence to god.
An abomination.
An eye sore.
Should be melted down.
by damn fags July 20, 2004
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