A Statue of Satan.Ironically it was given to America by the French.
The Statue of Liberty is an ugly, idolatrous eye sore.
by 4Q February 29, 2004
An offence to god.
An abomination.
An eye sore.
Should be melted down.
by damn fags July 20, 2004
a heterosexual act that involves double penetration with a ratio of 2 men and 1 woman; it is performed similarly to the Eiffel Tower position, except the men are holding one pair of hands at chest level to resemble the Declaration of Independence Tablet, and the other pair are holding a bottle of whiskey in the air to resemble the Torch
Girl: "I got Statue of Liberty 'd so hard at that 4th of July party"
by jesusstepfather March 17, 2015

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