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When a person offers up statics during a casual conversation to prove his or her point. However, the stats are not a product of research , but instead a product of here-say. This can be highly annoying because it is difficult to argue with made up stats, considering the vast modes of gathering and processing data related to a phenomenon.
Friend 1: I think I want to go to Law school.

Friend 2: I wouldn't do that dude, 56% of people who have law degrees work in another profession.

Friend: Damn, I better not then . . . (while thinking, "this dude has some made up number to attach to everything" I hate when I get statistic'd by this dude)

Ordering in a restaurant . . .

Girl: I'll have the Rib eye, rare . . .

Guy: I wouldn't do that, this place uses inorganic beef and each time you order beef here, you are destroying 2.5 acres of farm land.

Girl: I prefer not to get statistic'd when I'm ordering
by 180lbmastiff March 13, 2010
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