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Publicly expressing outrage at a corporate entity that has ripped you off or has committed some other heinous offense. "Calling a Company Out" in public. Outing a corporation for fraudulent, bad acts or policy. Setting up a website for the purpose of exposing the bad acts of the corporation. Engaging in a Marketing Campaign in order to publicize (and shame) the bad company. Approximately equivalent to "going postal" on a corporation, only in a digital manner. Also, see "STATEFARMSUCKS". Phrase came into popular use in 2009-2010, after a widow & two little girls publicized their horrendous experience with State Farm Insurance. See "STATE FARM SUCKS" Website.
Wow, xxx-Mart has horrible customer service! I'm going to pull a "State Farm Sucks" on them! *OR* If these Insurance A-Holes don't get with it & fix my car, I'm going to go "State Farm Sucks" on them.
#state farm sucks #statefarmsucks #statefarm sucks #bad faith insurance #state farm insurance #homeowners insurance
by intangibleassets May 01, 2010
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