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1. A high school team (of any sport) that qualifies for the State Championship and acts as if they are God's gift to the world. They can usually be found bragging on Facebook or strutting around town wearing hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, and other articles of clothing with "STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS" written all over it. They are also blissfully unaware of the fact that spectators and a majority of their competitors find their attitude appalling. State chumps are the downfall of respectful competition.

2. Someone who wins a State Championship (individual or team title) and proceeds to broadcast it to the world. Usually someone who has won the title more than once and has become accustomed to wearing it on their sleeve.
Variations can include:
-League Chump(s)
-Conference Chump(s)
-District Chump(s)
-Regional Chump(s)
...the list goes on.
Person 1: "Wow, the Northview cross country team is warming up in matching State hoodies. Were they State Champs?"
Person 2: "Nah, they're just a bunch of state chumps."

"I was getting SO sick of their bragging. I'm glad somebody finally beat those league chumps."
by *The Boss* November 26, 2009
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