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pronounce Staw-shoe stawwshouuuu
A name. Polish for Stanley. Usually a super kick ass guy.
shut up im on the phone with Stasiu you faggot.
by coolkid March 16, 2005
Pronounced Sta-shoo, the polish version of stanley.

1. Pure Posh Polish Power

2. a guy who believes in an ethical code but never follows it himself.

3. very driven but does really know what he wants. By the time he has it, he's bored and moves on.

4. Usually spends most of his time posting porn on imgfave and browsing for hot cars he won't ever buy.

5. makes Sinatra looking like a hobo with the way he dresses for work
"He's moving again?" "Yep, he's pulling a Stasiu."
by J. Newton February 02, 2010
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