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A group of 6, well 7 including the benchwarmer, of swagged out guys. They sing dope ass songs and slap hard beats. All originally from berkeley. These guys include... Big Steve, Nic Nac, Young Feez, Riggs, Ry Bread, Goose... and the benchwarmer. SWAG! Lets Talk about S6X.
Starting Six on your bitch!
by Thesixbitch August 09, 2011
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sickest bunch of rappers in errrywhere. known for 'thirsty', these guys show real promise and talent.

starting six on ya bitch!
startingsix on ya bitch!

person a: damnn man you heard the starting six?

person b: holy crap yeah they're awesome!!!!!

person a: theyre gonna be more popular than tupac if they keep they're amazing songs going/

person b: for sure dude, starting six on ya bitch!
by emquizzle August 28, 2010
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