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Start Trouble was a 4 man band from Jacksonville, Florida. They are no longer together and lasted for only 6 months. They have one album titled: Every Solution Has Its Problem (2004, Columbia Records).

members: Luke Walker- Lead Vocals and Bass, Terry Case- Guitar and background vocals, Allan (Fin) Leavell- Guitar and background vocals, Mike Crews- Drums

genre: pop-punk, punk-rock (Blink 182 harmonies)

attitude: "Yeah, we love to drink and smoke and cuss."

lyrics: "Love is a chemical, straight from your genitals." (song-Chemical)
"Last night I drank too much liquor, don't remember shit. Who was that chick? Did I stick her? Forget about it." (song-Throw The Covers)
"Gimme a cup I'll drink till I throw up. Let's get fucked up. Alcohol my only friend. (song-Lets Get Fucked Up)
"Wanna fuck non-stop. Baby i think you're beautiful. You got to tell your pops I'm cool and i'll be good to you. I'll drop you off at your curfew. (song-Non Stop)
guy 1 - yo dude, crank up some start trouble.
guy 2 - fuck no man!..im not listening to some mark hoppus and travis barker wannabes..
by bamf, bitch. March 01, 2009