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A school located in the middle of no where often times referred to as "star farm". This school is slowly going down the drain after a food fight in 2009 that injured a police dog and left the faculty puzzled. Nothing fun is ever really planned and everything that is attempted to be, fails, despite the acts of an English teacher who runs around and dances. The backbone of the school is a 7 foot tall man who asks for passes and not much else, and his son who was got in trouble for watching child pornography also was employed in the district. But don't worry, the football team also has a horrible record as well as many of the other sports, but that does not keep Starpoint High School from giving it their all. Don't ever expect a snow day from the superintendent because although the school is located in one of the snowiest areas, that's not important! Who cares about safety when the school can get paid more money and invest it in over-sized rocks to make the parking lot look "nice"? That is of course the most important thing. If you are planning on attending Starpoint High School make sure that the assistant principal does not see you with anything less then fingertip lengthed shorts on, you will be sent home or forced to sit in a room with a man who never smiles, such punishment, we know. It's all just another happy time at Starpoint High School.
Hey didnt you guys beat Starpoint High School at the basketball game lastnight?
by Debbie Atkins January 29, 2011
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