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Referring to a popular situation in the card game Yu-Gi-Oh in which Stardust Dragon is played negating anything that would be destroyed. Because you can only do it once per turn, if you have multiples of the Stardust Dragon your opponent is essentially screwed.
"My Stardust Lock has been your downfall."

"With Future Fusion and Jinzo I can pull a Stardust Lock in one turn."
by Nate kill Kyle January 27, 2009
A gangbang consisting of exactly three men and one to five women. More often than not one of the males will develop a special liking to one of the females. The two will branch off temporarily. This results in the pair being gone for a small time, returning in roughly half an hour.
"I met my wife at a Stardust Lock 2 years ago and we really hit it off."
by Nate kill Kyle January 27, 2009
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