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Darkblizz' logo and term used when refereeing to the Starcraft 2 Crack for the game Starcraft 2 by Blizzard Entertainment. Members from Rizon and Teknogods combined and made Team LazyTown which has now released a StarCrack.
- "Haha! I have a Starcraft 2 beta key and you do not!"
- "Who cares, I have downloaded the beta client and I'm running StarCrack AI"
by Lobsterlegs March 06, 2010
A play of Warcrack, which was a term given to Wow because it was extremely addictive. Same goes with StarCraft. And when Blizzard releases a WoS (or GoS for Galaxy of StarCraft), people will refer to it as Starcrack. Besides it fits SC.
Slash: Hey look, those guys are playing StarCraft.
Torch: You mean Starcrack. Look at those low lifes play their strip hermione granger games. Do they really have to look at porn even while playing SC?
Slash: Hey, she's hot.
Torch: I never knew you were into snobby British girls.
by The Mr Needles Experience September 25, 2006
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