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Short for 'stained anus' - The undesirable dark appearance of a stripper, porn star or body builder's sphincter, which usually results in the sufferer seeking anal bleaching treatment.
Pornstar 1: You getting much work?

Pornstar 2: Naw, I missed out on that part in Anal Rump Humpers 32 -- the director said I need to get my stanus problem cleared up.
by cogboy May 22, 2008
steen house (stone house) in sctottish or gaelic; familyname from scotland
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
Someone who is really, indescribably stupid, but who also resembles and has the idiotic qualities of a complete and utter anus. Usually said with such venom that the two words could not have been said individually.so we invented this one.
by AlternativeFreak January 30, 2003