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usually a smelly person, who showers less to none. Normally smelling like a dead badger at his/her prom. or denies taking showers after a day of cheer camp, resulting in prissy little cheer girls frantically running around the room trying to spray the "stanky booty". also refered as a "loose goose hoe".
Damn that stanky booty got a serious funk in her trunk.
by lmfaobxtch June 08, 2009
A "stanky booty" means a "stinky ass." A stanky booty is an ass that hasn't been washed recently, and therefore it smells of doody, or poop. And ass perspiration only adds to, or increases the funk!

Please note that one can pronounce the word "booty" as "boo-tay," for an added touch of refinement, or a mark of personal distinction by the speaker.
You have a "stanky-booty" (or boo-tay).

I ain't even tryin' to smell no "stanky-booty" (or boo-tay), y'all!
by JamesOfMo'ville March 07, 2011
1. n. A person who has a strong and distasteful odor
2. n. A person who is a bitch or asshole
3. v. smelling really bad
-That stankybooty needs to take a shower. He reeks!

-Ugh! Her cat is stankybooty!
by Kevinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn May 14, 2006
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