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The smell leftover on your suzy finger after using it to finger your girl.
Person A: I got stankfinger like a mother fucker!!!
Person B: Wash your hands then.
Person A: Hell no son.
by C. Griffin October 23, 2007
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A phrase, usually described in terms of a game, which denotes the action of manually probing the vagina of a woman.
Man1: Did you get a piece of that filthy whore last night?

Man2: No luck, we just played a little stank finger and then went to sleep.
by Ryan P August 12, 2003
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To have a finger that reeks of the stankiest sticky green bud.

You meant to itch a little higher than intened.
When you harvest in mid October and your fingers just stick and stank from the diggity danks skunk nugget you had growing in your garden.
by Stank finger in your nose October 02, 2003
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1 of ur fingers with poop on it that you stick in ppl face.
by Rusty Anus October 31, 2003
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