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A person (usually male) who is dirty, down right filthy (especially psychologically) and yet undeniably attractive with raw sex appeal. Thug sexy turned up by several megawatts.

Think Terrence Howard's womanizing Quentin in "The Best Man"; Benicio Del Toro's conflicted Javier in "Traffic" or Antonio Banderas' gunslinger "El Mariachi" character from "Desperado" and "Once Upon A Time In Mexico". On the female side think Sharon Stone's Catherine in "Basic Instinct".
Girlfriend_A: Why are you with the crazy-assed man? You know he's not going to do a damn thing but use you, abuse you and dump you.

Girlfriend_B: I know, I know he's nothing but pure trouble - but he's just so stank sexy!
by Raivenne April 17, 2008
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