a place that everyone will praise you for getting into if you do get in, and that everyone will tell you has ugly girls and crappy parties if you don't. basically, it's impossible to decide if stanford is actually a good place to go to school, but it sure is badass. and also, it's impossible to get into; white middle-class kids with 1700 on their SATs and a few cool ECs get in, and half-mexican kids with 2250 on their SATs and legit ECs don't. it's the biggest crapshoot in the history of the universe.
"I got waitlisted at Stanford University, and am very bitter. If you got in, go elsewhere so that you can open up spots."

"Stanford University is in the middle of Palo Alto, but for some reason everyone still wants to go there over UCLA, which is a great school in the middle of Los Angeles."
by chon3 April 01, 2008
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