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Standriguez, and its shortened form "Riguez", is a term most popular on the East Coast, particularly among US Navy servicemembers. The term is used to describe someone that usually makes a big commotion over nothing, blows things out of proprtion, and generally makes mountains out of mole hills. In its most extreme form, a "Standriguez" personifies someone that is usually tall, abnormally thin, and has an all-around bad temperment. This person sometimes has suicidal tendencies that flare up on a bi-weekly basis at a minimum. In its most basic form, a "Standriguez" will cause a chaotic hype and bring down the mood of others within at least a 75 foot radius. The "Standriguez" generally has severe emotional issues, gets nervous in social situations, has low self-esteem, a non-existent love life, and is intimidated by phallic symbols.
"Quit being such a standriguez. She's not gonna call you back. Get over it."
by The Weezul September 22, 2008
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