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Someone who intensely loves Stanley Parker of the comic strip 'The Better Half'. Stan Fans often read 'The Better Half' for hours looking at Stan's crazy antics. Stan's wife, Harriet, a.k.a Rabbit, also watches intensely. If you read 'The Better Half' religiously chances are you'll be a Stan Fan in no time. Stan Fans are all over the nation, trust me, I'm one of them!
Stan: Hey Bryant, I got the newest 'Better Half'. You want to read it with me, you big Stan Fan, you?!

Bryant: Stanley, you know it! I love you, buddy! Even if you are a big bunch of gooey.

Stan: Now, now, don't say that. Remember the Stanley S? (he does a Stanley S) That's one way I stretch all the goo off. But I'm still the same old Stan.

Bryant: Sure you are. Rabbit knows. You're both Stan Fans. Crazy guy. (starts reading the comic) Good one! You're kissing on her.

Stan: Yeah, Stan Fans have to be mushy. You're just not a Stan Fan unless you're mushy. Come here. (Stan hugs Bryant) Big Stanley S here! (they both bend into the Stanley S) See, now you're really a Stan Fan! The Stanley S shows. I love you! Stan Fans forever!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 09, 2012
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