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A massive shit that is released most prominently in the boy's bathroom/locker room, that is larger in diameter than length, showing signs of an extremley loose "o-ring" or anal cavity.
Mark Atwood AKA loose o-ring Atwood is infamous for his stall 3's in which is he tortured for by Ryan Carter.
by anonymous February 25, 2003
6 6

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A massive shit that could only come out of a raped ass.
Did u see the size of amanda poole's stall 3???
by Amanda Poole February 19, 2003
5 10
In wordultimate, when the thrower's marker reaches 3 in the stall count.
Stall 1, Stall 2, Stall 3, Stall 4...
by Jeff Latz April 24, 2003
1 7