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Doggystyle Intercourse on top of a flight of stairs, when the male knocks out the feemale's arms and rides her the entire way down.
Also see bobsled.
Nicole will be eating through a straw for a few weeks because i gave her the stair master.
by Josh Aussems March 25, 2005
14 4
A legend who is known to have sexual intercourse under flights of stairs at John Marshal High School. He Is now graduated and living the sauce life.
Student: too bad stairmaster isn't here anymore. I looked up to him so much.
by stairmasterisgnarly January 18, 2014
11 1
To totally own, abuse, or dominate.
He really stairmastered his nuts on that firehydrant.

I'll stairmaster that loser.
by chad&friends April 15, 2003
23 13
The other ruler of the world. Master of everything, including stairs.
Ya know Stairmaster? I heard she pwnd austoko in Halo!
by Stairmaster August 05, 2004
6 24