Doggystyle Intercourse on top of a flight of stairs, when the male knocks out the feemale's arms and rides her the entire way down.
Also see bobsled.
Nicole will be eating through a straw for a few weeks because i gave her the stair master.
by Josh Aussems March 25, 2005
Top Definition
A legend who is known to have sexual intercourse under flights of stairs at John Marshal High School. He Is now graduated and living the sauce life.
Student: too bad stairmaster isn't here anymore. I looked up to him so much.
by stairmasterisgnarly January 18, 2014
To totally own, abuse, or dominate.
He really stairmastered his nuts on that firehydrant.

I'll stairmaster that loser.
by chad&friends April 15, 2003
The other ruler of the world. Master of everything, including stairs.
Ya know Stairmaster? I heard she pwnd austoko in Halo!
by Stairmaster August 05, 2004
Getting a blowjob on a stairwell. Often this causes the shakes, especially when done outside your neighbors door. There is a certain covertness to this often when it is said.
Hey, my sexy Russian baby momma want to help me get in shape on the stair master when they pass out?
by Kiss Kiss & Hero March 30, 2016
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